Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Do Cats Love Icicles and Ice-cubes?

Here is our Murchyk cat is having fun with an icicle:
I thought, he will just roll an icicle around – that’s what he normally does with everything what he counts “a toy” – but, as you saw from the video, he didn’t just rolled that icicle around. He licked it! Just like us when we were kids, on a winter day :)
Here I found another video on YouTube with a kitten licking an icicle:
So, as I can see, not only my cat does it. More than that, guys. I have accidentally found a nice post about it. One of the users at answers.yahoo.com told, that his (or hers?) cat loves to drink water with ice cubes in it. Why? – This user asked.
Another guy who (I can tell) is a cat expert gave a good answer for that question, “The “cooler” temperature of the water gives the cat the illusion that the water is fresh.” I totally agree with him. Our Murchyk cat loves fresh water too; he even tried to drink a tap water, right from the tap (as many cats do, by the way), but we normally don’t let him to do it. If we ourselves don’t drink a tap water, concerning about being healthy, why should our cat do it? It is not that hard to keep our Murchyk’s water nice and fresh.
Back to the icicle that our kitty is playing with in the video, it was a one time action: to see what he is going to do with that new “toy”. I am not going to give him this again: cat can catch a cold, just like a human.

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