Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Cat Person – Part 2

Yesterday, March 26, I gave you few gifts ideas for a cat person – I shared few pictures and links to cat-related goodies at Ten Thousand Villages Canada. Today I want to go, actually, to a tenthousandvillages.com – a place for USA shoppers.
So, I have found few very, very nice and beautiful and cute handcrafted cat-related things at Ten Thousand Villages. Attention, girls! I would like to show you few cutesy-kittsy purses (if you click on any images, you will be taken to the item page in the store). All made from leather, handpainted. Crafted in India. First item is a Sassy Cat purse: 
Sassy Cat Purse India

Next two are coin purses. Second one is corded:
Cat Coin Purse India
Corded Cat Coin Purse India
And these two adorable black kitties below are… bookends! Hand-carved in India from Palewa stone. Those bookends will make a great gift for any cat lover!
Playful Cat Bookends India
P.S. Buying things at Ten Thousand Villages, we support artisans from all over the world, paying them a decent price for their hard work making arts and crafts for living. 

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