Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It is nice to start something new for Christmas! So, here we are, another two cat persons, which are joining a huge army of cat bloggers worldwide. I am Maria, an author of this blog, and my husband’s name is Ron. We are happy Ukrainian-Canadian family and we live in Canada. We got a cat, his name is Murchyk - please take a look above for the blog description, what does Murchyk mean. In this blog we will talk not about our cat only, but about everything what is connected to cats: pictures, videos, tips how to take a better care about your furry purring sweetie (sweeties) etc. So, as we started before the Christmas, we want to share with you something Christmassy about cat’s world. In this case – about our Murchyk’s world. Our cat is indoor-outdoor cat and he is absolutely okay with winter. He is very curious about snowy weather and about everything which is connected to a snow, like shoveling snow:
What is going on outside

Maybe I will shovel some snow
And our Murchyk is having quite a fun in a snowfall:
A Cat and A Snow

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Well, it is not that much fun, when he is coming in with all those snowballs stuck to his furry belly and leaving wet marks all over the place. In this case I normally take him to the bathroom and let those snowballs to melt, because it is impossible to remove them from his fur right away, especially if it was a humid weather outside and snow got wet.
But, anyway, it is fun – as I am a cat person, everything what is connected to my beloved kitty is fun. And every time, looking at his winter pictures, I am getting into a Christmas spirit. I hope, you too!
Your comments and messages are welcome.
P.S. I completely forgot - I have a video of our Murchyk which I took on the same snowy day! Here it is, hope you enjoy it like our furry sweetie was enjoying a snow and snowflakes:


Coby said...

Your kitty is BEAUTIFUL and so are your photos of him in the snow. Gorgeous!! Thank you for posting! Hope to see more of your kitty!

Mariya said...

Thanks Coby! Thanks a lot!