Monday, March 26, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Cat Person – Part 1

I am a cat person and I like cat-related gifts so much! I enjoy giving such goodies as gifts to cat people I love and I am always happy receiving cat-themed gifts myself. Now, when I do cat blogging, I have a great opportunity to share with you some gift ideas for your cat-loving friends and family.
First place where I want to take you is Ten Thousand Villages Canada – so, this review is mostly for Canadian cat lovers. Ten Thousand Villages Canada is one of my favorite stores – they have amazing crafty things from all over the world. The items are very unique – you can get them only at Ten Thousand Villages Canada. I want to show you my finds over there - cat-related goodies! Yay!
First of all, boxes! This cat puzzle wooden box below made in India. Such a cute box – in a shape of a sleeping kitty! Good for storing jewelry or other personal belonging. It is tricky to open this box, by the way – that’s why it calls a puzzle box. My friend Candace got this box for Christmas – she loved it! Here is the box (just click on the picture, if you want to go to the item’s page in the store):
Cat Puzzle Box India
I also felt in love with these two cat-shaped boxes at Ten Thousand Villages Canada, which are on the pictures below. They made in India in papier mache technique. Here we go – black and yellow boxes-kitties:
Papier Mache Cat Box (Black) India

Papier Mache Cat Box (Yellow)
And finally, if you happened to know someone who is sawing and who is a cat lover as well, here is a perfect gift idea for him/her – a cat-shaped measuring tape! Made in Vietnam and… so cute! Take a look at the picture below:
Cat Measuring Tape Vietnam
That’s all gift ideas for today. Hope you liked it! More cat-related goodies to come.

P.S. Buying things at Ten Thousand Villages Canada, we support artisans from all over the world, paying them a decent price for their hard work making arts and crafts for living. 

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