Friday, May 10, 2013

Amazing Kitty-Cats Handbags from Ukraine – Handmade!

I cannot take my eyes off these adorable handbags from Ukraine! Look at those two kitties on the bag! Aren't they adorable?
Kitty-cats Leather Handbag Made by Kotylasya Torba Studio, Ukraine
Or those two:
Cat Handbag, Crossbody, Leather, Made by Kotylasya Torba Studio, Ukraine
 The bags are cross-body ones:
Kitty-Cats Crossbody Baf 100 Percents Leather Handmade in Ukraine
And that’s how the bags look inside:
Kitty-Cat Handbag from Kotylasya Torba Studio, Ukraine
This beauty is made out of leather. All the work is handmade and a style of the bags is traditional to Carpathian Mountains area of Ukraine. Except the kitty images – this is a creativity of the authors of the bags. Amazing creativity, I must say! I am seriously thinking to get one of those bags in one of my travels to Ukraine, which is my home country.
When I used to live in Ukraine, I have few handbags of this style. I preferred them over other bags because of few reasons:
1)     They are ALWAYS in style – everything traditional is never out of fashion
2)     They are very durable and lasted me for years – made out of 100%  leather and the work (sawing, stitches etc) was very high quality;
3)     They are just very beautiful and classy looking! First thing what is catching woman’s eye when she is shopping for handbags and purses
And here, in this case, both of these kitty-cats handbags caught my eye twice, I would say: firstly, as a cat person; secondly, as a woman.
Oh, and a main thing – who is creating this handmade beauty? The bags are made by the artists Kotylasya Torba Studio, here is their Facebook Page.

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