Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adventures of Sissi the Cat from Italy – Part 2

I have already introduced to you a famous Italian cat Sissi (a female) and I showed you few of her adventures.
I didn’t look at YouTube for while how is Sissi doing and what is she up to lately, so today I did. Sissi is doing great; she is always finding something exciting to do, and her human friend Roberto Bonatti (he is veterinarian) is patiently filming all her adventures and sharing with us on YouTube.
Here are few of them, the most interesting ones, for my opinion. Have fun watching!
Sissi is playing soccer. She is really good in it! A great jumper and catcher! What a passionate player! Wow!
Sissi likes different sports. Along with soccer, she plays good volleyball:
And when Sissi is tired from serious games, she is trying something simple – for example, to catch a little mouse on iPad. Trying desperately, by the way:
That’s Sissi for you! Sweet, funny and passionate Italian kitty! Love her! 

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