Monday, May 13, 2013

The Guard of Our Garden - Murchyk the Cat

Every year our vegetable garden has three kinds of uninvited and undesirable guests: cabbage butterflies, snails and rabbits. If let them to do what they want to do at our garden – be specific, to eat what they want to eat – we can forget about our harvest.
We have few individual methods how, actually, to make those uninvited guests of the garden to feel uninvited, and our Murchyk the cat being real help in it. Seriously! Not only Murchyk the cat, but some his cat-related, let say, gadgets :)
For example, I have read somewhere that rabbits normally don’t like a smell of cat’s urine and they don’t go very close to the area where they smell a cat. So what I do regularly, I am spreading a content of Murchyk’s litter on the borders of the garden, and… it works! After I am doing this, approximately once per week, I didn't see rabbits at our garden for while. So if you are vegetable gardener as well and your garden is suffering from visits of bunny rabbit, you can use this method, too. I wouldn't recommend to do it though if you cat’s litter is made out of clay, with adding some other stuff, like chemicals etc. (more than that, I wouldn't recommend a litter with chemicals in it to use for cat, never mind garden). Only if your cat is using some organic litter, like pine clumping or other natural stuff, you can spread it around your garden without any fears that natural environment of the garden will be damaged.
Our Murchyk the cat use pine clumping (the one on the picture below) – he is very happy with it! And my husband and I are very happy, too, when it’s come to chasing rabbits away from the garden.
Pine Clumping Litter is Very Good For Cats
Also, as I mentioned earlier, as rabbits cannot stand a smell of the cat, very often our kitty-cat is being a guard of our garden himself – at the video below you can see, how he is chasing a rabbit away from our yard:
Just like a dog – he chased the rabbit to the border of our (and his, Murchyk’s) property, that’s it!
We love you, the guard of our garden!
Murchyk the cat is guarding our garden

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