Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beautiful Cat and a Beautiful Girl

Meet Ira. She is a beautiful girl from Ukraine and a daughter of my best friend Olya. Ira is such a big cat person, just like I am. Here, she is with one of the cats she like so much! The name of the cat is Buck and he is a cat of Ira’s friend:
Beautiful Cat and Beautiful Girl
Ira dreams about her own cat, but so far she cannot have it – she lives in a city condo, and it is not a very convenient to keep a cat in a condo. In a future, when Ira will get a house of her dream, she is for sure will have a cat or two, she said. Right now she has few cats in countryside, in her Grandma’s home. Every visit to the Grandma Ira is having fun playing with her cats and taking pictures of them. Oh! And Ira promised to share some pics and stories of her kitties here, at Murchyks blog. Thanks Ira!

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