Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cats Can: Talk, Play Piano, Boxing etc

Three my favorite YouTube videos about cats I would like to share with you today – a boxing cat

and a cat practicing piano

and two talking cats.

Well, I was always dreaming that my Murchyk cat would do something unusual, I will take a video of it, and my cat will be a YouTube star. But… Time goes by; my furry sweetie grew up from a little kitten to a big cat and… still did not do anything that much funny that would worth taking video of. Well, expect, maybe, playing with a remote control. But I was not fast enough to take a video of it – well, at least I got a picture, here is our Murchyk picking up channels on TV:
Cat and Remote Control
Thanks for reading and watching, and I still hope my cat will do something very excited and will be on YouTube one day!

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