Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Catsmess!

Meet Vasey. He is a lovely cat of Jasmine (Jasmine is a niece of my sister-in-law). This picture was taken last year, when Jasmine's family was setting up a Christmas tree. Kitty-cat immediately went to discover what is it and how it works and whether he can play with it. It was Vasey's first Christmas! Yay!
Vasey Cat and a Christmas Tree
Last year was our Murchyk’s first Christmas too. But my husband Ron and I decided to avoid any complications having Christmas tree in the same house with cat – we knew we would have permanent worries whether our Christmas tree, ornaments and garlands are survived, or whether our kitten is okay. Sometimes I think how people can ever manage having a Christmas tree, a baby and a cat (cats) – everything at the same time :)
Anyway. We COULD have a Christmas tree, but we decided to avoid any worries about our cat and tree relationships, so that’s how we decorated our house for Christmas last year – we just hung a kissing ball to the wall. We have ordered a plain fir tree ball in a local garden store and I decorated it with our ornaments:
Kissing Ball

Kissing Ball Real Fir Tree
I can tell you - this is a good Christmas tree solution for cat persons like us!
This year we stuck to the same decoration idea: two kissing balls under the ceiling
Christmas Kissing Ball With Ornaments

Christmas Kissing Ball and Hello Kitty
(oh yeah, cat-related ornament is a must!)
and a swag on a wall:
Christmas Swag with Ornaments
Knowing our Christmas decorations decision, our friends from the States Olya and Jim sent us a sweet Christmas card which we love so much! Here, what they wrote, “Since you didn’t put up a tree because of your Murchyk might make a mess, we found a card to show you it would make great pictures! Merry Catsmess!” 
And here is the card:
Merry Catsmess
Thanks Olya and Jim! Thanks Jasmine for the kitty’s picture! Merry Christmas to all of you, guys! And to all the cats in the world!

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