Monday, December 26, 2011

We Had a Very Purry Christmas

So, how was your Christmas? Hope you had a good one.
Our Christmas was really warm and cozy and very purry :) As a family with a cat, we got few nice cat-related Christmas gifts. This cute Kitty-Santa ornament is from our friend Lisa:
Christmas Ornament Kitty
Our friend Candace, who is a cat person too, just like us, gave us this lovely picture of three cats
Three Cats Picture
and a Cat’s Meow Christmas CD with special carols for our Murchyk cat – "We Wish You A Merry Kitty", "Oh Come! All Ye Persians!", "Kitty Bells" etc.
Cat's Meow Christmas
Murchyk was listening to it and his ears were moving – he was definitely curious who is meowing to the carols tunes.
My husband and I also got a cat-related gift for Candace – a German Riesling in a cat shaped bottle. Here is our Murchyk, helping me out to decorate a Christmas present for Candace:
Kitty shaped bottle and a Kitty himself
I had a Riesling myself in a cat-shaped bottle, it was two years ago. When wine is gone, I decided to keep the bottle - it is because 1) I am a cat lover; 2) bottle is too cute to be thrown away; 3) it can be used as a one flower vase – and it is being use as a one flower vase. Or for Christmas decorations, like this year:
Cat shaped bottle - One Flower Vase
So, when I saw the same cat-shaped bottle in store, only in a different color – just before this Christmas – I had no doubts what to get for Candace. I am glad she liked our gift. She also got a cute cat-shaped wooden jewelry box from her sister-in-law.
Candace and her family have two dogs and three cats! Pets are very smart and friendly and fun. They all adore Candace – she is very good with them.
Back to our gifts talk, I wanted to tell you, that Candace’s family and friends have no big troubles what to get her for a Christmas or birthday present – they know that something cute and cat-related will work just fine! Therefore Candace has an amazing cats ring on her finger, and wonderful earrings (I’ve never seen anything like this before: a cat in one ear and a mouse in another one); and plenty of kitties pictures at her home; and cats magnets on a fridge; and a cat candleholder, and… Anyway, Candace said, it is okay with her, if I will tell you more detail story about all the cat-related goodies she got, here, at
And, of course, I will introduce you Candace’s cats – they are so cute and funny!
I also have a question to you, cat lovers: what did you or your kitty (kitties) got for this Christmas? Please feel free to post your pictures and stories at Murchyks Facebook page – with a link to your cat blog or website, if you have one.


T said...

ohh, i like that the vase is clear! mine is painted silver. or is pink?!

Maria said...

We have both, in pink and in red. BTW, I gave the same one you got - a silver one - as a gift for Christmas 2012 to my very good friend; she is a cat lady, like me :)