Monday, January 2, 2012

Cat and iPad

iPad nowadays is kind of a virtual catnip for cats. There are lots of excited cat games APPs available to buy for happy iPad/cat owners, and there are plenty of “cat and iPad” videos on YouTube. I want to share with you few of them which I like the best. Here is a first one - this game call “Enjoy with cat”:

I like so much one of the comments to this video, by YouTube user Nudsi, “So cute! Next step: learning to write an e-mail to order lasagna. ;-)“.
Here are some other cute iPad games for cats – a fish tank:

A cat and a laser pointer game:

Chasing a mouse:

Chasing a mouse and painting, at the same time:

A painting without chasing any mouse:

A DJ’s work:

I love this DJ cat! His name is Iggy and here is one more video how he learned a touch screen technologies:

As you can see, cat even can play piano on iPad!
I also read whole bunch of comments to each of those iPad/cats videos. Some of them made me smile, like “Ipad so far is the most expensive cat toy” or “They should make a catPad.” Also, I found out that lot of viewers of “cat and iPad” videos worry about the same thing I do: how do you protect your tablet screen against cat’s scratches? So, I started to learn more about this issue, and after all the info I dug online, it turned out that cat’s scratches on iPad not an issue at all. For example, that’s what I found at Yahoo!Answers, from personal experience of users with cats and iPads, The cats won't usually be able to scratch the glossy screen of the iPad when stepping, touching, tapping the screen because their claws are retracted when not needed… I have 16 cats and 2 dogs. None of the cats scratches any of the iPad and iPhone screens around here even when stepping on them.
Well, looks like it nothing to worry about. Why do I worry, anyway? I don’t have an iPad – yet. But I have a cat! My beloved Murchyk, whom I love so much! Actually, my husband and I were joking the other day that we should get an iPad – just for our Murchyk :) Of course, it was a joke, but, seriously, we were talking also: when we will finally decide to bring a touch screen technology into our house, we have to get a good screen protector as well – just to make sure, everything is okay.

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