Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cat Themed Magnets!

I bet, every cat lover got at least one of the cat themed magnet on his (her) fridge. At least one!
As I cat person myself, I have three fridge magnets with cats – so far (I don’t mind to have some more, lots of space on my fridge door still vacant).
Every cat magnet on my fridge has an individual story.
This one – “A house is not a home… without a cat” – is a very first fridge magnet my husband Ron and I got for our household, as newly married. Ron’s brother Len, knowing than Ron and I are cat persons gave us this magnet as a hint - to get a real cat for our new home:
A house is not a home without a cat - Fridge Magnet
Next fridge magnet – two smiling kitty-cats – Ron and I got on our honeymoon in Prague:
Kitty Cats Fridge Magnet from Prague
And finally, my third fridge magnet – I call him “A Happy Kitty” – I bought in our trip to Ukraine in 2011. This is a mirror fridge magnet, and a happy kitty face really reminded me of my Murchyk – that’s why I got it:
Happy Kitty Mirror Fridge Magnet
So, I just shared my cat fridge magnets with you, guys, and I would be glad to see some of yours. Please feel free to post pictures of them at our Murchyks Facebook page – with a link to your cat blog or website, if you wish.

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