Friday, February 17, 2012

Intellectual Cat

“Well, guys, I guess, in this house nobody reads those books, except me. You both never have time”, that’s what our intellectual Murchyk cat was thinking, exploring our book shelves
Intellectual Cat is Exploring Book Shelves
“And… Ron! Get some files cabinets for your papers, for God’s sake! I cannot stand this mess anymore!” – That’s was another comment of our Murchyk after observing some boxes at Ron’s office
Cat Secretary
“Oh… I see, you guys do listening to me – you just got a nice file cabinet! Good! I can use a box from it. See you tomorrow! I am quite busy with this thing today” – It was our cat’s comment after we came home from a shopping trip. Please watch a video below about Murchyk doing researches of the box:

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