Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trooper is standing! Trooper is purring! Yay!!

Get Better Sweet Trooper

Image credit: Joy Tremblay 

Hi guys, here is the latest updates on Trooper the cat from his Facebook group (I am the member of the group).
So, today, February 26, Trooper is "...willing to stand as long as he can feel someone's hand touching him..That helps him feel safer i guess..knowing that someone is there to catch him if he falls...He is getting stronger every day...The staff told me today that every time someone goes close to his cage he stretches out his whole body and rolls over for belly rubs (which they willingly give him) AND he hasn't stopped purrrrrring all day...." (this into is from Trooper's Angels Gwen and Joy).
It is the best news I have heard today, guys! It's made me cry, seriously! But there were tears of joy!
And... What a strong saying, dear Gwen and Joy! "KNOWING THAT SOMEONE IS THERE TO CATCH HIM IF HE FALLS..." Well, that's what we are for, all 3127 (so far) members of the group - do not let Trooper fall - not anymore!

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