Tuesday, February 28, 2012

“We Just Love Rubbing, Scratching and Massaging!” – Whispers, Misha and Basya the Cats

I cannot stop being amazed of rubbing, scratching and massaging cat’s videos. After posting the one, about kitten massage therapy, I have found a couple of new really good ones on YouTube, about the same subject. So, here we go – enjoy another kitten massage therapy, done by kitten Misha to kitten Whispers (both are girls):

And this furry guy, his name is Basya, made me laugh so hard! The owner of the video has named it “Don’t stop scratching me!” I would correct a little – “Don’t stop rubbing me!” That’s what our Murchyk cat loooove so much – a rubbing! But our cat doesn’t make THAT funny sound like Basya the cat – he just happily purring. Anyway, big thanks to Alex for uploading it! It made my day today, I hope, will make yours :) Enjoy the video!

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