Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something New for Easter: Beaded Easter Egg With A Kitty On It

Bunny Rabbit is a symbol of Easter – it’s a worldwide known fact. But as a cat person, I wanted something cat-related to my Easter. And I got it! I got this cute Easter Egg with a kitty on it - bought it in 2011 in Ukraine, during my family trip to this amazing country. Well, take a look what I got:
Beaded Easter Egg Cat Ukraine
It is unusual in three ways.
  1. Traditionally Ukrainian Easter Eggs are painted. This one is a modern one – a beaded Easter Egg.
  2. It is not simply beaded, like, patterned and that’s it – this one got a cute little black-grey kitty on it – what else cat person like me can wish for Easter?
  3. Also, my beaded Easter Egg with cute black-grey kitty-cat got can be hanged on a wall, on a ceiling, even on a Christmas tree as a Christmas ornament – I am not sure if it’s proper from a traditional point of view, but it is handy and multifunctional. And I love multifunctionality! And I LOVE cats and cat-related stuff! 

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