Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cat Hat Again!

Cat Hat Richie from Ukraine
Remember this video about female kitten Sophie who likes tobe a Cat Hat – to climb on someone’s head and to make herself very nice and comfy over there? Well, today we have another Cat Hat, or Hat Cat, whatever… Again, remember Richard, a cute male kitten from Ukraine? This British Shorthair lives in a family of my very good friends. So, Richard, or Richie, how he is called in his family, made a habit to climb on a head too! On the picture above you can see Richie sitting on a head of my friend Bohdan. Isn’t cute? By the way, “to climb on a head” is one of known Ukrainian expressions, which mean “to be spoiled.” Isn’t symbolic for this sweet kitty-cat? Because Richard is really spoilt in his loving family. As Bohdan’s wife Mila said, “Oh yeah, he IS climbing on a head – figurally and literally!” 

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