Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yay! Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! From Canadian Murchyk to Murchyk in USA!

Sweet Murchyk the Cat from Chicago
Wow! I am so exited to tell you that our Murchyk the cat is not alone with his name on the North American continent. Another Murchyk the cat (on the picture above) live a happy life with Ukrainian family in Chicago, USA. Let me introduce these wonderful people – Maria, her husband Mykhailo and their kids Yaryna and Ostap. They are very nice and intelligent family, very busy at their jobs at they are so happy to get home every night - knowing that their Murchyk is waiting for them patiently and going to greet them with his cozy purring. Well, “purr” in Ukrainian is pronouncing as “murr” - that’s why the name of the cat is Murchyk. Many cats in Ukrainian families are Murchyks. 
Actually, Murchyk from Chicago is Ukrainian cat even by his heritage – can you imagine?! Maria, his owner, told me a story about Murchyk’s birth. His father and mother are both from Ukrainian cities, Kyiv and Lviv. Cats moved to USA together with their owners. Murchyk is born in 2004, so right now he is 8 years old. He is a male cat; actually, female cat cannot be Murchyk in Ukrainian language – Murka is a name for a female cat.
I thought from the pictures of Chicago’s Murchyk that his bread is Maine Coon, like ours, but Maria said, she is not sure about it. He is more Main Coon like, she said; in reality his bread is a mix of Persian and probably Siberian – look at his gorgeous fur! 
Cure ball of fur Murchyk the cat from Chicago
Maria said they got their Murchyk when he was one month old. Actually, whole Maria’s family was waiting for his birth, especially kids, Yaryna and Ostap. Time went by very quickly, and Murchyk from a tiny cute kitten became a big beautiful kitty-cat which is very loveable and friendly - he loves people very much. When family members are home or guests are coming over, Murchyk the cat is practically inseparable from humans – he is following people, purring and letting them to pet him.
Every night Murchyk has a ritual to kiss Maria good night; then he sleeps on a carpet by the bed till 5.00 a.m.; then he is getting up knowing that it is time for Maria’s husband Mykhailo to wake up and go to work. Murchyk knows that he is going to get his kitty’s breakfast from Mykhailo.
Also, Chicago’s Murchyk is very talkative cat! (Just like our Canadian Murchyk :). When he needs something, he will come and tell you this in his kitty’s language. And his meows sound differently every time – depend what he wants at the moment.
My personal favorite picture of Chicago’s Murchyk is this one, below, where he is yawning. What an expression!
Murchyk the cat is yawning
Are any more cats by the name of Murchyk on the North American continent? If so, I would be very-very glad to know. Please leave your comments here, at, or at Murchyks Facebook page.
And huge thanks to Maria from Chicago for the pictures and story about her Murchyk! 

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