Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Cat is sitting on eggs
 I don’t know the name of this sweetie, but he/she is so cute, sitting on that eggs! Really into agricultural thing!
And here is our agricultural cat, at the picture below:
Murchyk the cat is guarding our garden
I am sure you have recognized him from other posts in this blog. Yep, this is our kitty-cat, his name is Murchyk. He is indoor-outdoor cat and he is such a good guard for our vegetable garden! Murchyk is hunting for white butterflies which are laying eggs at our crops, which is not good for the vegetables, of course. Also, our cat is chasing rabbits out of our garden – well, we kinda like rabbits, but we don’t like what they do to the garden – I am sure, every gardener is understand us.
So, we are glad we got our little helper at the garden – our sweet kitty!

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