Thursday, October 4, 2012

Very Unusual Cats

Something new for you, cat lovers! Here is some very unusual cat art I have spotted lately. Cats-dragons on the mugs below! Or they are dragons-cats?
Dragons Cats Handpainted by Vita Petruk, Ternopil, Western Ukraine
Anyway, it is very interesting, cute and sweet! These kitties-dragons are hand painted by Vita Petruk. She is a talented artist from the city of Ternopil, western Ukraine; specializing on glass painting and ceramic painting.
And here is next art for you:
Nope, this is not a cow and not a goat! (I was thinking the same way, too). This is a CAT. This is a special cat, a timeless one, as explained about the painting its author Olesya Hudyma. Olesya is from Ternopil too; she is very famous local artist. Olesya does lots of art; her favorite style is impressionism. I would say the mysterious kitty on her painting is done in that style.
Do you know some more unusual cat art? Would you like to share? If so, feel free to post pictures of it to Murchyks Facebook fan-page,with a link to you website or blog if you got one. 

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