Friday, March 22, 2013

Cats on Easter Eggs

Getting ready for Easter, I have found something that made my cat person’s soul smile :) As I am Ukrainian, and our cat is carrying a Ukrainian name Murchyk, and as Easter is about Easter Eggs, I've spotted something that has all three in one: Ukrainian, Easter Egg and a cat! I am talking about amazing painted Ukrainian Easter Eggs with cats on it – an art from Becky. She lives in Pennsylvania, USA. Becky is making Ukrainian Easter Egg, I would say, all her life, since she was a schoolgirl. Among traditional Ukrainian patterns on eggs, Becky likes to create some very unusual pictures and images on eggs. Like this one – a cat-angel that she created back in 1998:
Cat Angel Ukrainian Easter Egg by Becky, USA
Or this one, that Becky has made, actually, to a Valentine’s Day and named it Purrfect Love:
Purrfect Love Easter Egg by Becky, USA
What an art! I am totally in love with those cute kitties on eggs and they are definitely getting me into the Easter spirit!
And I am also very pleased to know that Becky is a bighearted cat person – a one of us, cats’ friends!

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Anonymous said...

Beatiful Murchyk pysanky (and I want one!)... and this is only an observation: pysanky are not "painted" since no paintbrush is involved...they are "written" using a batik (wax and dye process). That's why they're called "pysanky"...and the people who write them are called "pysankari" (writers). :-)