Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ceramic Murchyks the Cats

After seeing this little ceramic picture of a cat at Vernisazh Craft Market in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, I thought immediately, “That’s it! This is our Murchyk the cat!” The same fuzzy, the same cute! Even in the same colors! So, I have no doubts about getting it – the cat on the picture was sooo much like our Murchyk! Well, you can compare with the original – here is our Murchyk the cat and here is his ceramic, I would say, a portrait:
Ceramic picture fuzzy kitty made in Ukraine
Browsing some more pictures on the same craft market, I also spotted another picture of our Murchyk – with a cute fuzzy friend :) No doubts again, I got that one, too:
Ceramic picture cute cats made in Lviv, Ukraine
 Now, both of the pictures are pleasing my eyes, hanging on a wall. So cute kitties, aren’t they?
Ceramic pictures cats Ukrainian art
 Overall ceramic pictures are quite an unusual art. As I am not only a cat person, but also a ceramic and pottery lover, I can fully appreciate what I got in my trip to Ukraine; I enjoy this cat art very much!
I have no idea how my husband’s brother and his wife knew it, but they made me a great gift for my birthday – another Murchyk on ceramic! Here he is, in the middle – gorgeous ginger cat with his furry friends:
Ceramic picture cars Canadian art
The picture is really nice piece of art; my relatives got it in Toronto and they said it is made in Canada. Beautifully done, I love it!
More about cat-related arts and crafts - in my next posts.

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