Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pottery Cat from Ukraine – Inspired by Murchyk?

Here is cute cat-themed piece of craft – a pottery cat:
Pottery Murchyk the cat
Inspired by our Murchyk the cat? (at the picture below) What do you think?
Murchyk the Cat
Speaking seriously, the pottery cat is made in Lviv, Ukraine. My friend Olya from Ukraine got it for a gift.
And our Murchyk the cat, despite his Ukrainian name, live in Canada. But Ukrainian pottery crafters have lots of local Murchyks to be inspired (Murchyk is a very typical cat's name in Ukraine).
Anyway. This year – 2013 – my husband and I were travelling to three countries, Ukraine, Denmark and Greece, and each of them has unique cat-themed pottery and glass arts and crafts. So more posts about cat-related gifts to come!

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