Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Cat

Remember Ira, a daughter of my best friend? Ira is a big cat person. She lives in a city and she doesn’t have a cat of her own (yet), but she dreams about it very much.
Well, I would say that Ira does have few cats in a country, where her Grandmother lives – actually, Ira’s Grandma is taking good care about the cats and Ira can see them every time when she is visiting her Granny.
Today I would like you to meet Ira’s favorite cat; he is a male and his name is Musek. Ira has visited her Grandma just recently, for Easter, and she brought some pictures of her sweet Musek, and she shared them with me (thank you, Ira!).
Here is my favorite photo of Ira’s Musek. I call him Easter Cat :) – as you can see on the picture, Musek is so curios about those Easter Eggs. The eggs, by the way, are painted with onion shells broths. This is a traditional way of coloring Easter Eggs in Ukrainian countryside: nothing artificial, everything natural – onion shells broth, beet juice etc. And this is the way cats live in Ukrainian countryside – they like to drink a fresh milk, just from a cow; they actually doesn’t know what is it a cat food from a store – they are eating home cooked meal only. So do Musek :)
Musek the Cat and Onion Shells Painted Easter Eggs
I hope you had a great Easter too!

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