Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Table-Top Christmas Tree is The Best Solution for Those Who Got Too Curious Pets

Have you got too curious cat or dog at home? If so, I think, you familiar with this kind of Christmas carol:
Oh Christmas tree,
Oh Christmas tree,
Your ornaments
Are history!
Are you smiling? Me too! But, on a serious side, my family know how to avoid ruining our Christmas tree or decorations by too curious furry friend (in our case – our beloved Murchyk the cat :) So, in order to avoid big Holiday Catsmess, two years in a row, since we got our Murchyk, we simply… didn't have any Christmas tree. However, we have found few compromises, like having kissing balls and swags – take a look; it was last year and a year before.
So this Christmas 2012 Ron and I have decided to go the same way – to get few kissing balls in our favourite flower shop, and that’s was it. Until we accidentally saw a perfect solution for our (and our cat’s) Christmas – a table-top Christmas tree! Live! We have spotted it in local mall and bought immediately. Good, we have a little patio table, so we brought it in, set up our table-top Christmas tree on it, decorated it, and… it looks beautifully! And, of course, unreachable for our curious Murchyk:
Table-Top Christmas Tree a Perfect Solution for Cat Lovers
As you can see, the tree got a little stand with a bowl of water; I water it regularly, so our tree can stay live in a house for long-long time, which is good, because we are intend to keep it longer than for Christmas and New Year. As we have explain in Murchyks blog introduction, our family is Ukrainian-Canadian, so we celebrate Ukrainian Christmas as well (Ukrainian Christmas is January 7).
So, we are really happy we have found a perfect Christmas tree solution as for us, cat persons. But even having a table-top Christmas tree, I still wanted a kissing ball, which I got; here it is, with Murchyk’s Christmas stocking on it:
Kissing Ball for Christmas
It’s so nice to wake up in Christmas time in a house full of smell of a real fur-tree! And knowing that both your cat and your ornaments are safe :)

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