Tuesday, April 30, 2013

“Who said this is your pillow? This is my pillow!”

Hands up, cats’ human friends, whose cats don’t sleep with you!
Our Murchyk the cat is does, oh, he does all right! :) Our bedroom is one of his favorite spots to sleep in entire house (he has many of that spots :)
He can sleep on a little carpet by the bed; he can sleep under the bed; but his favorite place of course is on a bed, in our feet area:
Murchyk the cat Brother or Garfield
 Or behind Ron’s or my back. Or just like that, on a pillow:
Murchyk the cat is sleeling on a pillow
Well, he realizes (sometimes!) that someone else has to sleep on this pillow, too, like me, his human friend :) But very, very often all his look is saying, “I don’t think this is your pillow! This is my pillow!” Or something like that :)
Never mind, kitty! There is lots of room for two of us :) ! Or I can go to sleep on your rug :) Can I?

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