Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Candace’s Cat-Related Arts and Crafts

Candace is a very nice friend of mine; she is a cat lady like me :) Only I have one Murchyk the cat at home and Candace got four beautiful kitty-cats, their names are Jessy, Miley, Panther and Poose.
So as we both, Candace and I, are cat ladies, her and mine houses are full of different cat-related stuff, like crafts, accessories, kitchen stuff etc. And every time, before Christmas or Candace’s birthday, if I see in a store some nice thing with a kitty-cat on it and, of course, I want to get it to Candace, the first question that’s popping up in my mind is, “What if Candace is already has it?” Why I ask myself this question – it is because Candace got oh so many nice, cute and marvelous cat pictures, figurines, mugs, plates, etc. etc. that I really afraid I can bring her a duplicate of the one of these cat goodies.
Well, the picture above that I gave to Candace is really one-of-a-kind and I bought it in Ukraine – at least, Candace never been to Ukraine (yet), so I was absolutely sure, she doesn’t have something like that. Now she does – dancing cats, ceramic picture:
Dancing Cats Ceramic Picture from Ukraine
I also was worried if Candace will find a room for this picture at her busy walls – busy with cat pictures, of course :) – but she did! Yay! It was not simple task though, I guess – please take a quick look at Candace walls! Above the door – “Cat Nap on a Dog Day Afternoon”:
Cat Nap on a Dog Day Afternoon
At the kitchen – an amazing wall clock with plenty of kittens on it:
Cat Clock
Especially I love this part with a quote “Cat Leave Pawprints on Your Heart”:
Cats Leave Pawprints on Your Heart
And I love this one so much, with another famous cat-related quote – “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and Cats.” Albert Schweitzer
Music and cats
Every piece of space in Candace’s house used very wisely and every cat-related craft is doing some work for a house functioning – like this metal-carved hook:
Kitty-Cat Metal Carving
Or these cute candle holders:
Kitty-Cat Candle Holder

Cat Candle Holder
Or the cutest cat-related mug I have even seen – Decatf Catffeinated one:
Decatffeinated mug

Decatffeinated Cup
If you are probably thinking I showed you ALL the Candace’s arts and crafts with kitty-cats on it, you are wrong – this is just a part of her cat-related goodies; I think, not even half of everything what she got during many years as gifts for Christmas, birthdays etc.
Well, I cannot resist showing you few more pieces – a decorative kitty-plate:
Decoravite Plate Kitty-Cat
Male-female cats figurines:
Kitty-cats figurines
And that’s about it. For today :)
Have you got some cat-related arts and crafts, my dear readers – cat persons? I am sure you do. Please feel free to share some with us, Murchyks' blog fans – at our Facebook Fan Page.
Thanks for watching, reading and being good cats’ human friends, which, I am sure, you are!

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