Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cat Mugs and Cups

Do you know a cat lover who doesn't have at least one cup or mug with kitty-cat on it? I don’t. I am a cat person myself and, of course, I got few of those mugs and cups. They are warming up not only my throat when I am drinking my tea or coffee from them – they are warming up my cat lady’s heart and make me smile just looking at them, and bringing up some nice memories, like this one, with a ginger cat on it:
Full Cat Cute Mug
Cute, isn’t? Actually, this is a gift I gave to my future husband not knowing yet he will be my husband one day :) But I knew already, back that time, that my Ron is the same cat person like I am. And… I have no idea how I could predict when I bought that mug with a ginger cat on it that one day Ron and I will have a cat just like one on this cup – ginger cat with a white mouth, white chest and white paws, our beloved Murchyk the cat? Here he is, our sweetie:
Our Sweet Murchyk the Cat
Now, guess how Ron and I call this mug with cut ginger cat on it? Right! A Murchyk mug :)
Speaking about functionality of the mug, I like to drink my coffee or hot milk from it – Murchyk mug is think-walled and keeps my drinks warm for long time.
Okay, now I would like to show you another one my cat lover’s special cup, with entire cat family on it – two adult ginger tabby cats and two kittens. Here is a one side of the cup:
Kitty-Cats Mug
Here is another one:
Kitty-Cats Cute Cup
Except, that the cup got a very enjoyable picture on it, I love the quality of the cup – this is fine thin-wall porcelain, the best one for tea. Tea lovers know that the thinner and lighter your teacup the better your tea tastes. So if I decide to have a nice cup of tea, I use my kitty-cat china only.
Next mug with a kitty-cats on it that I want to show you, is not mine – is my friend’s Candace. Candace is a cat lady like I am and she got the funniest and the cutest cat mug I have ever seen in my life!
Take a look at one side of the mug. See a kitty felt asleep? Read why – it is because the coffee was Decatff:
Decatf mug
On another side of the cup kitty-cat is wide awake and cheerful. Guess what kind of drink was in the cap? Catffeinated! Yay!
Catffeinated Cup
Well, that’s all so far about cat mugs and cups that I wanted to tell you and to show you. I love finding something really funny and cute and cat-related. So if you would like to share a picture or a story about your mug or cup with a kitty-cat on it, you are always welcome to post it at our Murchyks Facebook Page.
Have a good morning or good night, depend what drink you are sipping right now from your cup – coffee, tea or milk. If you are cat lover like me, I am sure your mug is with a cute kitty-cat on it :)

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