Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Music and Cats – at My Friends

My previous post was about music and cats. This one, that I am writing now, is about music and cats as well – inspired by our family’s dear friends Candace and Ron.
Candace and Ron have four beautiful cats at home, and their house full of cat-related arts and crafts. Here is one I like so much – actually, about Music and Cats :)
Music and Cats
You can see a musical notation book under the Music and Cats picture – this book is belong to Candace’s husband Ron. Ron is a very good musician and singer; he plays in a local band. Speaking of cats, Ron said, Jessy is his favorite one, here are they both:
Everyone Loves Jessy the Cat
Here is Jessy’s close up – he is so cute! And serious at the same time – I caught his face on a picture when he was listening to Ron’s music:
Jessy Sweet Cat
And here is Miley the cat, which is definitely loves the musical atmosphere of the house – no wonder, Miley likes to sleep on a top of Ron’s guitar case:
Miley Cute Cat
Here is Miley again – looks like she (Miley is a female) is going to sing something to us :) Oh she can – she is the one talking cat!
Miley the Cutest Cat
I enjoy being around Candace and Ron’s family and their musical cats!
Is your cat (cats) like to sing? Or talk? Or doing something funny and cute?
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Thanks for reading us and have a purrfect day!

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