Thursday, May 2, 2013

Candace’s Cats

In a previous story you read about my friend Candace’s cat-related arts and crafts; now it’s time for you to get to know Candace’s cats!
Oh, they are so handsome, beautiful, and sweet, and cute, and smart ones! I was babysitting Candace’s cats once, for a week, so I learnt a lot about them.
So, meet Panther, here he is:
Panther the Cat
Panther is 11 years old black male. Actually, he is the oldest one in this cat family, but I would say, he looks almost the youngest :) Maybe it is because he is black :) Maybe it is because he is fuzzy :) Maybe it is because he is very independent cat and he found his special way of living in our mountains country, wisely balancing between local wildlife and homesteading. Panther is not “kissy-kissy” (or “catsy-catsy”) type of cat; as I told you, he is independent fellow, but he loves his human family so much and he cannot imagine his life without Candace, her husband Ron and their sons Jon and Zack.
Next cat male in the family is Jessy. He is 6 years old white-grey kitty-cat:
Jessy the cat
Jessy is more domesticated; he is listening (almost always) what his human friends tell him to do, like, “eat”, “come home”. Jessy only one in his cat family can drink a water directly from a tap! Really cute!
Also Jessy like to socialize with next cat in Candace’s home – Miley:
Miley the Cat
Miley is fuzzy female, approximately the same age with Jessy, so they are one “generation”, I would say – that’s probably why Jessy and Miley are buddy-buddy. Oh, and Miley is the one talking cat! Every her "meow" sounds in different way and full of some certain meaning, like "I am hungry", "Rub my belly", "Let me out" etc. Yes, all the cats in Candace's house are indoor-outdoor ones, which means, they know a taste of healthy fresh air and cat's freedom, but they also remember very well, where is their home
Another cuteness living in Candace's house is 7 months old multi-colored female Poose. I don’t have picture of her so far; but I will photograph her, definitely – he is oh soooo cute! Not because she is still a kitten, by age, but because of her very interesting personality.
So, that’s about it about Candace’s cats so far. More stories to come!

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